Pay Later Program

We all love crafting but sometimes things doesn't go as we wish. Me too, I struggle sometimes to find the budget for it. No one should be left out! And I want to help everyone to enjoy crafting as much as I can afford. Therefore I am launching the Pay Later Program which simply opens possibilities for you to manage your finances and buy your beloved brands while you pay when are able to. 

All items above £40 per item are eligible for reservation and partial payment.


How it works:

You tell me your wish to take part in the program and send me what product you wish to You can ask for more than one of course but each will be invoiced separately.

I send you an invoice with the first due amount, then another invoice with partial payments. A first payment from the new invoice is required with minimum £5. You have all the time to send payments, when you like and the amount you like, until your purchase is ready for shipping, there you have to complete your payments before it is shipped to you.

Terms and Conditions

  • You commit to buy not reserve.

  • This service is only valid via invoicing.

  • Open worldwide.

  • No interest or extra fees applicable.

  • Unfortunately this is an expensive program and I cannot afford cancellation, therefore it is a non-refundable service if you cancelled, still you need to complete your payments. 


Please before you decide to take part of this program, be aware that any payment made will not be refunded if you decide to cancel or withdraw and you are required to complete your purchase. This is a commitment to purchase but you pay when feel like to.

**This program helped many buy their favourite products that are too expensive to pay in one payment. Please keep this program alive for everyone's benefit by committing to your purchase.

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