Celebrating 1 year old is a big deal for Swedish House Crafts. It is my excuse for to add more to the shop and give more to you. During the first year you have been very supportive and I appreciate every email I received, every person surfed the website and the shop, bought something, or even told a friend about it. You are the stars. Because you always shared with me, it's my turn to share with you. Let's celebrate! 

You can earn 15p store credit for every eligible review you leave on products you purchased starting from 5 November 2017.


How this works:

  • You made a purchase from SHC either in the old or new shop. 

  • Eligible reviews are only on products you purchased and preferably you used before reviewing.

  • Once you have left a review, please send me the order number you reviewed using the form to the right.

  • 15p for each item reviewed drops in your customer account once approved within 5 days.

Not counted:

  • If you review an item you didn't purchase from SHC.

  • If you review the same item twice (count once).

  • If you leave a bad review.. lol! just kidding!! Please be honest with your reviews, it helps me eliminate bad qualities.

15p Shop Credit Per Review

Fill in your customer name, account email and the order number that you reviewed the items from.


Don't you think you deserve to be viewed everywhere? You spend a lot on your crafts, craft for hours, take photos and edit them, add watermark, upload, write a blog, share.... Don't you think it's time to let the world see it too? There are between 50000-70000 views per month in general, which is a great opportunity for everyone. 

How it works:

  • Do as you usually do. Take some wonderful photos for be ready to go on your blog. If you already wrote a blog, that's even better.

  • Your happy to upload it using the form to the right, add a link to the blog post if you created one yet.

  • Once the photo is approved, it will be published on the product page where the product you used shows in your work. 

  • You can send as many photos as you like but please name the photos like this: [Your Name]-[Product Featured]

  • Preferable format is JPEG/JPG, but PNG is ok too with max size 1MB. You can upload 1 photo at a time or zipped file.

Approved photos:

  • Plain background is preferable, but planned settings are beautiful.

  • Balanced in brightness, contrast, exposure and vibrance.

  • Easy to spot out the product and fairly close up is not bad.

  • The photo you submit has no watermark but your/blog name is important to add, clear enough that if people want to look for you they'll find your blog online.

  • No feathering, no frames and no effects on the photo you submit, but what you publish on your blog is absolutely up to you.

  • Square format is required, ideal size 1000x1000px (min. 640x640px)

  • Photo file size shouldn't exceed 1MB. Most photo-editing programs has the option to "save to web", use it. 


See examples in the gallery to the right >

Disapproved photos:

  • If originally photographed for another shop DT post or the blog links to other shops. No shop likes that. Let's stay respectful to everyone.

  • If it's not your photo/your work, submitted without a written permission from the original owner.

  • Watermarked not as described above.

  • Blurry, iris focus, not positioned in centre, too dark, too bright, you know what I mean.

  • Photo already published on another blog not yours even if it was collaboration work. 

  • Any other reason that may cause confusion, infringement to copyright, promoting other shops, challenge blogs that SHC is not sponsoring or any other reason that SHC finds not suitable for the shop. 

Permission you grant SHC by submitting your photo:

  • Re-edit the photo in a way to match the required style, if necessary. 

  • Watermark the photo with the SHC logo. 

  • Posting your photo in the shop and/or Craftlog.

  • Go out proud, share your photo and tell people you are awesome on social media and in newsletters.

Show Your Makes


Share It and Win It #shcsharewin

You might win a stamp, a flower, a die or paper... anything from the shop when you share a product to your favourite social media using #shcsharewin. 

How this works:

1. Head off to the shop and find the item you wish to win.

2. 2 ways to share a) in the product card you can see bunch of social media buttons, simply click it and share it. B) just copy link and paste.

3. Tell your friends that you wish to win it, add the #shcsharewin. Make sure that your post is public so I can see it. 

How you win:

The winner is the one that shared the item on the "Secret Winner Scroll" that will be released each fortnight (2 prizes per month). If several people shared the same item, I will randomly choose one!

The winner will be published on the front page with the winning product.


Reach 5000 likes by Xmas

There will be a Gemini die-cutting machine GIVEAWAY with every 5000 new likes on Facebook

How you can help raise the page likes:

If you like the Swedish brands you can show it in very easy way. Each time you share the SHC page on your timeline, tell us something, tag a crafty friend on a post that may interest her, or just like a post you support it and help us reach the first 5000 likes. 

Once the page reaches its first 5000 likes, a Gemini-die-cutting machine will be randomly given away to one of the fans on facebook. 


The Gemini giveaway is open for residence in UK due to guarantee and electrical related issues and whatever things some with it, BUT if the winner is living somewhere else in this universe, the giveaway will be replaced with a gift card of £100. 

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