Online Store Assistant 

Part Time


I have got my hands full for a while! Now, I have to grow more hands, that is when you come in.


We have a top customer service and best our best feature is we are friends! I aim to keep my friends rather than anything else. 

I am looking for a person who will help keep the store up to date with the inventory and shipping mainly, other tasks may rise but relevant.

Job Description:

  1. You will be responsible to maintain the storage organised and clean. 

  2. You will receive the new products, count the inventory and label when needed. 

  3. Make sure the actual inventory matches the online stock.

  4. Pick and pack orders, print addresses and make them ready for shipping.

  5. You will work with relevant tasks to keep the backend of the store running smoothly.

  6. New tasks may be added to the this relevant to need. As assistant, you will help the manager with back end store tasks when needed. 

  7. List new products in the online store.

  8. Might need to take photos for some products.

Working environment:

  1. It is a very safe storage and you will be working with me. 

  2. Once you get the grasp of the thing, you are your own boss.

  3. You will be working like if you are at home.

Who you are:

  1. You know crafting very well, you are familiar with the crafting products.

  2. You are an organised person, can figure out things by yourself with hints and clues.

  3. You like to work alone as well have coffee with me. 

  4. You have an eye for numbers, addresses, details.

  5. You are a crafter, because you will have fun with a free crafting room and stash!


Essential requirements:

  1. You did some work within retail storage unit. You understand how the system works.

  2. You can do inventory. 

  3. You have computer literacy. You are able to learn how to manage the online store.

  4. Must be an accurate and organised person.

  5. You live in Manchester or not, you are an "on time" person, it is very essential and sensitive for me.


Bonus if you have:

  1. Some customer service skills.

  2. Creative nature.

Working Hours and Salary:

This is a contract based work per hour. Working hours are weekend, preferably Saturdays but FLEXIBLE and arrangeable in advance. 

No cash payment. Via bank or paypal only on weekly basis.

How to apply:

Please email your relevant experience in a small email, make it as short as possible but all relevant information that you think are relevant to this job. 



If you have any questions send in email or text me at 07424514044. I reply soonest I can.

If you like to have a conversation, it is by appointment, text to arrange convenient time to talk.

I will look into applicants with immediate hire, the right person will start immediately.

Good luck and I am looking forward to meet my new crafty colleague!


Suha Hazboun

Owner & Manager

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