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Make money while you enjoy your hobby. This affiliate program has just started. A thousand steps starts with one. 

As I believe in freedom, I define the word as being ethical and discipline to the commitment you are about to make. Support a small business by affiliating is as good as buying goods.  Please read the following simple guidelines to help you learn more about the ethical boundaries.

When you register you agree to the following:


  • Do not hurt the reputation of this little shop in any way. 

  • Do not mislead anyone with any image/text/price/etc... 

  • Of course you are NOT allowed to use any graphic/images that are NOT found on this website or in the affiliate program (no copyright infringement is accepted anywhere).

  • You will be provided with banners within the program to use on your blogs as well as you are free to copy any image on this website for the purpose of promotion to this shop only.


This is good for you because you will be promoting items that mostly are not found in many other shops. such items like Gummiapan and Roxstamps in the first place! Besides, my shop is the only shop that provides that much discounts upon request in the world!! I mean it.

You are very welcome to register as it is open for everyone for a limited period. Click here and follow the instructions, you are so welcome!


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