Since November 2016, we've been bringing out the best of the best to the crafty world we love. Here are some of what we did.

An Amazing First Design Team Was Created June 2017

Swedish House Crafts carried on a great team of fantastic makers to inspire us. Since then we have had so much fun with all the styles we have on the team. We are proud to work together and just a little happy family!

Been on Hochanda on 3 August 2017

That was an amazing day! But after that, everyday was amazing! we've been so much busy packing and shipping the wonderful Gummiapan dies and stamps. Since then, you've been wonderful

supporter to the brand and that was a great

experience. I was terrified, but our Team Leader

Lynn was there with me to ensure I don't

mess up the show!

Snarktoberfest 2017!

Josefine said fest... that is all I heard then I rushed to be part of a fun and junkie blog hop. Seriously! Don't miss in 2018! I made a Christmas card for the snarky folk. I discovered some wonderful makers around the world and had a nice chat with So Suzy Podcast. You can listen to it hereunder.

1st Year Celebration on 5th November 2017

First Published in Making Cards Magazine March 2018 Issue

So Sally Jarvis, the Editor of the Magazine, was extremely lovely to invite me for an interview in the magazine and a wonderful make by our Donna. If you are interested you can still get a back issue here.

June 2018 is the Big Maker Month at Swedish House Crafts

Coming soon...

July 2018 News for North America Customers

YES, exciting, right? you certainly don't know what I am talking about... wait and see, of subscribe to the newsletters and get the news in your inbox.

September 2018, New Adventure with Practical Publishing

Nope, not telling you.... :)

September 2018, New Adventure with Practical Publishing

I have met Chris and Unass from Practical Publishing, they took me a tour inside their magazines and we're going to have so much crafty fun! Nope, not telling you yet... 

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