Nils Jumper

"I have chosen Nils Jumper because it is the cutest and I love it. I used pencils to colour it and Maja Design papers to make this card."

- Donna

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Shipping from UK

Magnolia starts shipping to me on 1 November, once I receive them I pack all and ship next morning so everyone has them in time, according to plan.


Magnolia Sweden says:

  • Haven't found a Christmas calendar for you yet? Stop looking, here it is!

  • Either if you want to follow us on Youtube or or just want to play with new goodies this the christmas calendar for you.

  • Includes 25 fantastic numbered & wrapped packages

  • includes hot new, never seen before products in each package (Like Cutting Dies, Stamps, Decorations and surprises)

  • In cooperation with Magnolias YULETUBE @Magnolia Channel

  • Starts at 1st December and sending daily until the 25th of December.

"Live Laugh Love"

2019 Collection

New Magnolia release! Pre-order is open now.


You can either pre-order directly from the European Store

Or pre-order here and pay in USD.

Shipment to the USA addresses will be made from USA.

Estimated shipping date from Europe: 13 September 2019

Estimated shipping date from the USA: 22 September 2019

All prices include shipping.

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