By Special Order - Shop


All items here are not in shop. They are located in a storage that I reach once per 7-10 days. Prices and rediculously low and some items are on their way to retire and out of stock, but others, there are hundreds of meters of.

Those prices are ideal for cardmakers, handcrafters and would like to cut on the cost.

While trying to list everything, it is more than a couple of thousands of items. I will constantly add more, but if you are looking for specific item, send me a photo of it at and I'll check the storage.

How to buy

Each item is priced at the minimum per 1 meter, you need to add in the box how many meters you want to buy. When I get the items in hand within a week or 10 days, I send you an invoice deducting the amount you already paid at check out.

Example: if you want to buy 10 meters of a lace, add the item to basket (min. purchase 5m or 2m depending on the item) and in the box write 10m. At check out you pay for the minimum purchase only and I will send an invoice with rest once your order is ready to ship. If you wish only to buy the minimum purchase, write only 5m or 2m (the minimum amount of meters).