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Pre-order discounts are valid until the Queen's Birthday on 10 June 2017 midnight.

Shipping starts Monday 19 June. 


All Purchases receive a gold round patch in your envelopes. Scratch it and find your prize, which is either:

1. Discount amount in various amounts.

2. A number!! If your number is (12) You win "The Vintage Box Fifth Edition" or "Magnolia DooHickeyClub Magazine Vol. 16", you choose.

3. If your number is (45) you are a winner of £25 Gift Card.

4. If your number is (24) you are a winner of £15 Gift Card.




Marathon Runners! Think Crossword, (all answers are in the collections).

40% Off: Q: Lives in a tiny house (2 winners-sold out).

30% Off: Q: Need two of them to function (2 winners sold out).

25% Off: Q: In the farm (4 winners sold out).

15% Off: Q: I am from your dreams (10 winners sold out).

5% Off: code is: SNOWHITE

The answer is the discount code you can use at check out, if it is correct, you got your discount, if it is wrong, guess again! Good luck! <3 


*discounts are limited to max £20.


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