VIP Pre-order - Shop

Pre-order is open until the very dark midnight after the day where number first comes in solo action. In other words: 1st May 2017. 

Shipping is set to be on 15 May 2017, definitely after I get my cup of coffee! You really don't want me to pack before it.

Now the game: guess the discount code, use it and get:

  1. Question 1: 40% OFF your VIP pre-order /min. £50. (2 to win sold out): An oxagon far far away is named....
  2. Question 2: 30% OFF your VIP pre-order/min £50. (3 to win sold out): It's on my butt.
  3. Question 3: 20% OFF your VIP pre-order/min £40. (sold out): Cold and refreshing
  4. Question 4: 10% OFF your VIP pre-order/min £30. (sold out). Round, light at night.
  5. 5% OFF your VIP pre-order. Open for everyone, I know, it's better than nothing, right? code: TILDA 

 (shh, cheat... the answers are names of products in the new collection and only 1 word)