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    We started 2016 by loosing great inspirations and are ending it with more losses of people who we have admired and learned from. People who gave us the click button in our heads to make and create, happyness and joy. We are leaving 2016 with sadness because 2016 was filled with the bad events and catastrophies, many of them we could avoid but we didn't. Choices we made, results we pay for.

    We shouldn't regret but we should learn. Do we? not really, we do not learn from an event, but we learn from the result. If an event happened and the results takes like several years to show, then we have several years ahead before learning a pence!

    However, 2017 is not a hidden treasure. I do no loger have great expectations of it. I have great expectations from myself. Having a lot of plans, trying to make things better is a challenge, it will always be. What I should be doing it sticking to my plan and use my best stubborness and insistance to succeed. Ready for 2017.


    Aw! You read that? Thanks, come back, I'll write more!


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    Everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Some people are still running after gifts, others busy wrapping and tell me who is not affected by the season? Time is running and panic is catching us.

    So I decided to beat the season! Yes, beat it! I will just relax and enjoy the red and green. I want to spend a glittered holiday. It is possible when you stop thinking what your mother-in-law would say about the food you cooked!! Makes sense? 

    Brain recharging is required this time. Lots of plans, great expectations and looking forward to a crazy 2017.

    Until then...


    Aw! You read that? Thanks, come back, I'll write more!