About SHC

About Us

We never reached the end of the space, so the sky is not the limit, right? Crafting is a world, we haven’t discovered its space yet. This is how the first idea of Swedish House Crafts is born in August this year, 2016. The idea of the shop is showing off other alternatives of crafting for paper crafters and card-makers.

There are a lot of demos out there, today we feel that many are repeating themselves and beginners struggle in getting along with all the fancy equipment and crafting gadgets. Large budgets to set and lots of never used stash. Sounds familiar? we was there too. Therefore, we decided to step in and start a new trend at Swedish House Crafts; there will be a lot of exciting craft secrets revealing, detailed tutorials, new ideas, great prices, high qualities and inspirational workshops. 

Most important is one thing that no one has ever told us about, how to be creative and create or come up with a perfect idea. So hang on and take the ride, subscribe to our channels, like our pages and come in to our Swedish House.

Our Offer 

Have you ever thought about buying just what you want and not stash up your desks and cupboards with items you never used and eventually sell them or give them away? We all have. We all hade to repeat ourselves lots of times because we have loads of same items until we feel least creative. 

At our shop you can buy small amounts and huge variation. It means you can buy what you use and save money on short and long term. 

If you are an experienced crafter then you can create your themes and kits. If you are a beginner, this is your chance to try on things without having to buy in packs.

So give it a try at our shop and see how much you save!

Suha Hazboun

Hi there and thank you for visiting my little shop!

I'm Suha and we will always meet online, everywhere. I am now dedicating my whole time to my shop and craft classes. This is what I want to make and this is what I like to keep doing. I have B.A. in Digital Media and Masters in Audiovisuals. Yes, the website and all graphics, images, photographs and the text are my own work, but at the end I choose paper crafting.

Of course I have been crafting for many years. I gone professional in 2008 when I started giving colouring classes and mixed media. I continued to develop myself by studying arts and attending online classes. After all, it is the practice. I also had a little exhibit in Sweden 2014 for mixed media art. 

I have been blogging since 2008 as Waracartist and was a DT at Swedish crafting blog called Scrappaloss. 

I enjoy all products, I love colouring and painting... and breaking the rules!

I hope you enjoy my accompany and my creations.